Stockholm municipality: Årsta - GrowSmarter

Renovation of a residential area from the 1960s. EU project in collaboration with Barcelona and Cologne, new technology for climate-smart solutions for buildings, infrastructure and mobility.

Atrium Ljungberg: The Globe/Slaughterhouse district

The slaughterhouse district is being developed by Atrium Ljungberg in collaboration with the City of Stockholm and other property owners. By 2030, the area will be developed into a strong destination, a meeting place for food, culture and experiences and an engine for the entire Söderort.

Skanska: Sthlm New

Natural expansion of the inner city by offering attractive and public transport accessible urban environments – Connecting Hammarby Sjöstad and Gullmarsplan through smart urban architecture – Sustainability in construction – Life cycle thinking Adds around 6,000-8,000 jobs in Hammarby Sjöstad. Companies from different industries – Through co-working and easily accessible meeting places, smaller companies can establish themselves. Strengthens the emergence of cross-border local networks.

ElectriCITY: Hammarby Sjöstad 2.0

20,000 inhabitants, 10,000 jobs. Citizen-driven innovation platform – ElectriCITY with around 60 members and partners in collaboration with around 50 brf. Objective: Climate-neutral district 2030. System conversion in energy use, mobility, recycling and sharing. Digital power collection to support the transition.

Atrium Ljungberg: Sickla/Nobel Mountain

In Sickla, Atrium Ljungberg is developing a whole new area on Nobel Mountain with about 500 condominiums, creative offices, culture, restaurant, park area and a preschool, occupancy beginning in the fall of 2020. Construction of Curanten, a house is also underway. focusing on health and health, as well as the new hotel Clarion Collection Tapetfabriken. High ambitions in terms of sustainable construction and climate measures.

Teknikföretagen - Urban Tech Sweden/New York/Stockholm/New Delhi

Connect Stockholm GreenTechLine with a major project in New York and India’s first climate-neutral city in New Delhi. Creates a global testbed for climate-neutral technology, circular economy and sustainable growth in New York – Stockholm – New Delhi. Attract global companies as tenants who are already partners in New York and New Delhi to Stockholm Green Tech Line. URBS uses technical and financial integration platforms, including the Climate Neutral Cities Fund, to attract global investors. Contributing to taking SGTL to global meeting places like Dubai2020.


We want to..

market Stockholm GreenTechLine as a new innovation district, a growth area.

build on the international attention that Hammarby Sjöstad is attracting - now Hammarby Sjöstad 2.0

attract new businesses to the area, including education and research that can contribute with expertise.

launch Stockholm GreenTechLine as a development area for upcoming Swedish and EU calls for innovative and climate-neutral cities.

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